Field of study

GGS departments field of study

Department of GGS since 1993 is a graduate training of bachelors in the field 6.051101 «Aviation and rocket science» and specialists and masters in the specialty 7 / 8.05110101 «Airplanes and helicopters», specialization 7 / 8.05110101.1 «Designing systems of aircraft equipment», 7.05110101.2 “Design and production of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment of aerospace engineering”. In 2002 the license for preparation of masters in a specialty 8.05110101 «Planes and helicopters» was received. Since 2011 there is a new specialization 7.05110101.3 «aircraft Equipment» in the direction «Aviation and aerospace» the Department has a level IV accreditation for the training specialists in 8.051101 «Airplanes and helicopters».

Period of study:


4 years


1,5 years*


1,5 years**

* if you have a bachelor’s degree
** if you have a diploma of bachelor to direction 6.051101 “Air and rocket science”

Practice locations:

SE «Antonov»

“Kyiv Central Construction Bureau of reinforcement engineering”

The Department of GGS initiated the establishment in 1990 of the International Association of Industrial Hydraulics and Pneumatics (ASPP), the first president of which is the Head of the Department, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor V.P. Bocharov. Since 2000, this position has been occupied by the Head of the Department, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor G. Zayonchkovsky.

The Department has close creative relationships with enterprises of Ukraine, as included in the GWP, namely the Antonov company, KCKBA, JSC “Hydrosila” (Kirovograd), Institute of Gidroprivod, OOO (Kharkov), Kramatorsk machine-building plant, Vinnitsa plant of tractor units, Budshlyahmash (Odessa), Dnepropetrovsk aggregate plant and others. The Department of OGS maintains close creative ties with leading foreign higher educational institutions, specialized design bureaus, and enterprises.
Graduates of the Department have the opportunity to find a job at the enterprises of the aviation and space industries of Ukraine, including SE «Antonov» and Kyiv Central Bank.