History of the GGS department

History of the HGS department

Department of Hydro-Gas Systems was founded in April 1958 with the reorganization of the Department of Aeromechanics, Hydraulics and Aircraft Design of the Kyiv Institute of Civil Aviation Fleet. The name of the department was eventually transformed as follows:
1958 — 1975 — Department of Hydraulics, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Devices of Aircraft;
1975 — 2001 — Chair of Hydro-Gas Systems of Aircraft;
since 2001 — Chair of Hydrogen Gas Systems.

The founder and the first head of the department was an eminent scientist, sponsor of domestic aviation and industrial hydraulics, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor T.M. Bashta, who came to the Kiev Institute of Civil Aviation Engineers from the position of Chief Designer of the Ministry of Aviation Industry, having three shoulders experience in management positions in the machine-building and aircraft-building industry, constantly combining it with work in the Higher school (KPI, Bauman MVTU, MAI, STANKIN).
Since September 1976, T.M. Bashta was replaced by his student, Professor V.P. Bocharov, who headed the department for 27 years.
From July 2003 to 2016 the head of the department was another student of Professor T.M. Bashta, Professor GY Zayonchkovsky. Since 2016 the department is headed by Candidate of Technical Sciences, Senior Researcher Associate Professor Badakh V.M.

The first department of the department in 1958 included the future doctors of technical sciences, Professor GA. Nikitin, Zh.S. Chernenko, A.O. Komarov, Candidates of Technical Sciences, Associate Professors G. Shvets. Avdushko MD, Vakina VV In the postgraduate study of the department studied F.G. Pogodaev, N.M. Glazkov, V.P. Bocharov, S.V. Chirkov.

At the department, there was a research laboratory «Reliability of hydro gas systems of aircraft», which in 1972 received the status of an industry one. Its first head was Ph.D. Gurban VV, from 1974 to 1988 it was headed by Ph.D. Zayonchkovsky, and from September 1988 to 1991 — Ph.D. Konovalov VM
Since 1993, the Department of State Customs Service has become a graduate and began training specialists for the divisions of SE «Antonov» in the specialty «Aircraft and helicopters».